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The Enchanted Realms

Where magic lives ...

The Enchanted Realms - Where magic lives
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{ T H E R E A L M S }

Welcome to the land of make believe, where magic is infused throughout the threads of the realms. Please take some time and visit with the elves dancing in the moonlight, see the fairies fluttering their wings as they try and touch the clouds and gaze at the unicorns drinking from the rivers and creeks. Here you will find a place where you can allow your imagination to roam freely so you may discover the wonders just around the corner. This is a very themed world, so if you are looking for things that are not fantasy or magic related you will, alas, not find them here. Everyone is welcome to join, all we ask is that you abide by the simple rules of the realms.

{ R U L E S }

We do ask that you friend the realms, so that you will be able to partake in offerings and not miss out on any pick ups.
All graphics offered here are free and there shall never be a charge for any offering in this community. Please credit each maker for the gifts they make you. We may also ask you give to credit to an artist that we are featuring in our work as well.
The elves are happiest when manners are displayed. Please be polite to members and makers alike.
The elves have forbidden anyone to go to the makers personal journal for questions about their graphics. Please instead email with any questions you may have about the realms.
Fairies cry at the very notion of drama. Please leave drama where it belongs: in your own personal journals.
Please pick up your gifts in a timely manner. If you are not able to pick them up within 5 days please let us know as we do realize that sometimes our lives can turn hectic.
The most important rule of all, have FUN. This is a place we want everyone to be able to throw away their worries and stress and get lost in the land of magic and wonder.

{ M A K E R S }


{ E N C H A N T E R S }

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{ P R O M O T I O N }

{ A F F I L I A T E S }

{ C R E D I T S }
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